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Have you ever thought about having your own private chef? Well, now you can. Chef Addie is available for bookings!!

Add some excitement and fun to your gatherings or dinner dates with Chef Addie at your home preparing your favourite meals.

Have an idea for what you’d like to eat? Let us bring it to life! No idea where to start? We can write you a personalized menu for your event/gathering

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On the Grill

Fire it up! It's time for some mouthwatering BBQ favourites with a twist. Customized BBQ Menus created for you and your guests.


Wake up and smell the Private Chef. He's in the kitchen, and he's ready to serve you up some deliciousness.

Cocktail and Dinner Parties

Class it up with a seated dinner service with hired wait staff. Chef is in the kitchen plating, and his amazing staff are here to bring the culinary experience to you.


With over 20 years in the culinary world, Chef Addie Ham is all about forging connections through food. Armed with expertise in menu crafting, culinary passion, and burger mastery, he's here to delight the taste buds of Midland, Penetanguishene, and beyond.

Specializing in private parties, events, and corporate lunches, Chef Addie offers tailored menus featuring locally sourced ingredients, all delivered right to your door. Let's make your next gathering a deliciously unforgettable experience!

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